Melena Diosa is a American made fashion charmeuse satin hair accessory line, whose sole purpose is to provide hair safe acccesories that promote healthy hair growth and protection for day to day styling. Melena Diosa came about after realizing there was a huge void in the market, for quality hair accessories that didn’t damage hair yet looked stylish and fashion forward. At Melena Diosa we focus on creating eye catching collections with quality fabrics and materials. All products are hand made and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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NEW! No-Slip Satin Bonnets

Avoid slippage and hair damage with our guaranteed no slip bonnet, with encased elastic and matching drawstring.

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No-Slip Satin Scarfs

Try our revolutionary no slip scarfs with encased elastic band for a secure fit and added security. One of a kind on the market!

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Signature Satin Pillow Cases

Customize your own pillowcase/s with our signature trims, and sleep in style!

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Satin Hair Ties

Hair safe elastic hair ties encased with fashionable satin prints. Helps protect hair from breakage and pulling.

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